13 Best Bridal Updos

For any girl her hair is an integral part of her. Every girl has mood swings which often vary according to her hair. A good her hair is comparatively better than a bad hair day. Since hair is so important for a girl it is very important for her that her hair looks the best on her wedding day. The way a bride’s hair is done largely depends on how she looks. The way a bride’s hair is done can either spoil her look or spoil it completely. It is very important that the bride to be chooses an appropriate hairdo for the very important day of her life. It is the best to choose an up do style for the hair. There are a number of hairs up dos for which a bride can opt. Some of the hair up dos which a bride can opt for has been mentioned below.

Here Are The 13 Best Bridal Updos

1. With Stones

A hair up do can be done with embelished stones. White or coloured stone accessories can be used in a hair up do. You will have to pull up your hair up. It can be a bun or any hair style which involves pulling up your hair. Then you can place the accessory on your hair.

With stones

2. With Pearls

Pearls are one of the best accessories for your hair. They are elegant and beautiful and make your hair up do look great. The hair can be pulled up neatly and pearls can be placed beautifully.

With Pearls

3. Loose Bun

A loose bun is one of the most stylish looking and look enhancing. A loose bun needs to be done well so that it doesn’t end up looking dirty. You also need to make sure that the hair strands are well pinned and give the desired look too.

Loose Bun

4. Tight Bun

A tight bun is the one which involves pulling back your hair nicely and making the bun. Utmost care needs to be taken that the hair strands are pulled back and not a single strand is kept loose. This gives a very nice and neat look. In fact this style changes your look completely.

Tight bun

5. Low Bun

A low bun is a stylish one. You can make a tight low bun or a messy low bun. A few strands of hair can be left loose on the sides. It is a great style for a bride.

Low bun

6. Braided Bun

A braided bun is a style and a different hair up do. This bun is made of braids. It is a new style which changes your look as a bride completely.

Braided Bun

7. Front Braid Bun

A front braid bun is a hairstyle which involves front braids for the front view of the hair and the hair is pulled back in a bun. This is a new style of hairstyle which gives a slightly heavy look.

Front braid bun

8. Tiara

A tiara is a great way to enhance the look of your hair do. The hair can be pulled up and the front portion can be raised. The tiara can be placed then. A tiara gives you a look of a traditional bride.


9. Beehive

A beehive is a hair up do which makes your hair look like a beehive from behind. In it as intriguing hairstyle and often catches the onlooker’s attention. It is an interesting style which can be chosen by a bride.


10. Twisted Bun

A twisted bun is the bun which involves strands of hair twisted and then the bun is formed. The bride gets a neat and stylish appearance to the bride.

Twisted bun

11. Rosy Up Do

A rose has a particular style which looks completely enchanting to the onlooker’s eyes. As a bride you can opt for this hair up do which gives you’re up do a look similar to the rose.

Rosy up do

12. Flower Bun

An elegant and pretty up do. This involves pulling up your hair to form a bun and then enhancing its look by placing flowers on it. A great way to enhance this hairstyle is by placing flowers on the side and then making the bun. It is a very elegant hair up do.

Flower bun

13. Bob Up Do

A bob up do is a stylish and an extremely classy way for a bride to pull up her hair. The hairstyle gives a look of a bob cut. In this style the bride’s hair will be pulled up and adjusted in such a manner which looks like a bob cut hairstyle. It is a very different hairstyle to opt for as it is quite different from the other up do hairstyles. In fact, this is one of the most fashionable hairstyles as you can do any style from the front.

Bob up do

These are a few amazing hair up dos which can be opted by a bride on her wedding day. It looks stunning. Make sure you try a couple of hairstyles and then choose the best.

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