Top 10 Flattering Hairstyles For Brides Having Long Hair


Having a long hair is a symbol of young and charming look for a person who actually owns such hairs on different face shapes. But, unfortunately, many of them fail to maintain the glory and dignity of their face shape because they didn’t find the most suitable hairstyles for their look.

However, you can overcome this issue by choosing the chic hairstyles for a fantastic and gorgeous look. Here you will find top 10 most flattering hairstyles for brides having different face types which will add both depth and dimension to your personality thereby making you a center of attraction everywhere.

Here Are The Top 10 Flattering Hairstyles For Brides Having Long Hair:

1. Sleek Straight Long Hair Hairdo

Sleek straight long hairdo is a fantastic hairstyle for girls with long hairs on round face shape.  This hairstyle creates an illusion of length as well as definition on viewers eye due to its ability to move on textured hair thereby adding more volume at the crown of its owner by just teasing and shaping the hairs in new style.


2. Long Hairs With Layers Hairdo

This is a perfect hairdo for girls with square face type having curly or straight hairs and demands to have layering on their hairdo thereby making it free from ending at chin. This hairdo looks more stylish and comfortable on girls with oval shape as layering on such face type creates an illusion of less width to the viewer’s eyes.


3. Long Hair With Fringe Hairdo

For a girl with oval face, getting fringe instead of having layers on hairs also looks attractive on their face. For females with thicker hairs, a side swept longer fringe looks stylish while for females with fine hair, a long wispy fringe looks great and cool depending on the skin tone.


4. Middle Parting Hairstyle

This hairstyle for round face is accomplished with middle parting which delivers the long and slim look to the face of its owner. This hairdo is an ideal hairstyle for both formal and prom occasion and looks impressive with casual wears.


5. Curly Hair Hairdo

For a female having an oval and oblong face type along with curly hair then it is better for them to prefer triangle layer haircut because such layering looks very impressive on round faces. Apart from triangle layering, you can also try soft curls below the chin line or choppy layers through your hairs bottom and back portion on your round face for attaining a charming look.


6. Long Layers With Sea Wave Curls

This is the most demandable hairstyle among females having round face shape which can be attained easily by creating a double sided bang after partitioning your hair from middle section at a distance of around 2 inches below the ear lobe. For girls with wavy hair, this hairdo can be achieved in just two minutes after making curls of wavy hairs.


7. Short Bob Hairstyle

This is a classical hairstyle for females of all face shapes as this hairdo accentuates the depth of face thereby giving a glamorous touch to its owner personality. For round faces, angled bob is a fantastic choice in which back layers are kept short an chin are swept dramatically. The soft lines of your round face in this hairdo are maintained by hard lines of the bob thereby giving a structured look to its owner personality.


8. Modified Pixie Hairstyle

This hairstyle is most popular among Hollywood’s celebrities as it perfectly emphasizes the roundness of their face. This hairdo is accomplished with a couple layers at the back of your head and long layers running across the forehead thereby giving a thinner look to its owner. This is the boldest hairdo for girls with round faces that draw multiple emphases on cheek bones and eyes of its owner.


9. Close Cropped Hairdo

This is another gorgeous hairstyle for girls having round face shape and adds glamour to its owner personality. Girls having long hairs can easily prefer this hairstyle by making longer bangs which gives an illusion of length as it reduces the apparent overall width of its owner. For a girl with medium length hairs, waves can be created followed by wearing prom outfits so as to add unique style to your look.


10. Wavy Mid Length Hairstyle

This hairdo is another fabulous hairstyle for girls of all face types as it can easily hide the roundness of face adding lustrous wave the middle partitioned hairs.  To attain this hairdo, first of all you must wash your hair with a branded shampoo followed by scrunching the hair up and then cutting your hair plain in length not in layers.  You can also make curls to make your hairdo focus of attention for others. This flattering hairdo is also suitable for long hairs and wavy hairs.


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