Top 10 Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips For Brides

Every bride wants to look gorgeous and beautiful on her wedding day. The feeling of love and excitement no doubt makes every bride look beautiful on her special day. Wedding involves lot of preparation – from planning, organizing, decoration and invitation to choosing clothing and accessories. In the midst of all the preparations, often would-be brides forget to take care of themselves, which is most pre-requisite for them. Stress can also affect the hormonal balance and lead to unwanted breakouts, rashes, dry or oil skin. If you want your skin to be glowing, gorgeous and blemish-free on your big day, you need to start taking care of your skin at least a month before the wedding day. Here are top 10 pre-wedding skin care tips for bride-to-be to follow at home and look her best from head to toe on her special day.

Skin Care Tips for Bride-To-Be:

1. Regular Cleansing

The foremost essential skin care routine which all brides-to-be must follow without fail is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Cleansing the skin two times a day will help to get rid of the dirt, toxic elements and makeup that contaminates the pores of the skin. To unclog the pores and prevent appearance of acne and blemishes, use cleanser that are gentle on your skin. It is best to use homemade natural face cleanser that are chemical-free and helps to maintain pH balance of the skin. If you have oily and acne prone skin, try honey and lemon face cleanser. The combination of honey and lemon works great to keep the pores open and breathe better. The natural antiseptic and exfoliating properties of lemon will help to clear the dead skin cells and antibacterial and antioxidant property of honey will help to maintain a youthful glow to your skin. Mix 1tbsp honey and 1tsp lemon juice and apply all over your face and neck. Gently message with your fingers for 2-3 minutes and wash off using cold water. If you have dry and sensitive skin combine honey and olive oil, instead of lemon. This cleanser will remove dirt and makeup and will help to keep skin soft and glowing without stripping natural oils from your skin.

Regular Cleansing

2. Toning

After cleansing the skin, it is necessary to follow up with toning as it helps to tighten the pores and reduce the lines and wrinkles to some extent. Rose water serves as good toner for all types of skin.


3. Moisturizing

To keep your skin soft and supple, you need moisturize your skin after cleansing and toning your face. In fact, keep your whole body moisturized after shower using coconut oil. This will help to maintain super-nourished, soft and youthful skin. For face, vitamin E oil can be good choice. While going out do not forget to apply sunscreen.


4. Scrubbing

Scrubbing your face once a week with homemade oatmeal or rice flour scrub will keep your skin free of dead skin cells, dark spots, black heads and white heads. Also try to get whole body scrub using sugar scrub. Mix sugar with water or shower gel and exfoliate your whole body gently by rubbing and massaging in circular motion with a loofah. Sugar scrub will remove dead skin cells and help you get silky, smooth skin.

Use Face Scrubs

5. Facial – Clinical And Homemade Treatment

If your skin has too many spots or dark pigmentation, than start getting clinical sittings as early as possible; at least 2 months before the wedding. The facial treatments like gold facial are good enough to get rid of these spots. But if you are not convinced to get chemical treatment on your skin, there are many homemade masks which you can try on your own to get a shining glow on your skin. Proper facial massage is needed to get a nice glow on your skin. Try fruit facial packs like mashed papaya, strawberries or apples to get blemish-free skin.


6. Take Care Of Hands And Feet

To-be-brides need to look beautiful from head to toe. So, not just face, you must take care of your hands and feet to keep them soft. For smooth, beautiful feet and legs, do hair removal if required. Do a weekly pedicure and manicure at home. Prepare foot soak by adding body wash or shampoo in a tub of warm water and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes. You can add Epsom salt in this water to exfoliate dead skin cells. After removing dead skin cells, massage your feet with olive oil, coconut oil or any other oil of your choice. Wash off with warm water and apply petroleum jelly at bed time. Similarly, do bi-weekly manicures to keep your hands soft and beautiful.

Take care of hands and feet

7. Keep your Nails And Cuticles Healthy

Maintain clean and healthy nails. They will enhance the beauty of your hands. To provide your nails and cuticles proper nourishment, massages them with almond oil or olive oil.

Keep your Nails and Cuticles Healthy

8. Lip Care

Dry cracked lips can spoil your look on your special day. Take proper care of lips on daily basis to make them look soft, smooth and plump. To remove dead skin cells and make them look soft pink and attractive, exfoliate them with a lip scrub which can be made by mixing 1 tsp. brown sugar and 1 tsp. honey.

Lip care

9. Take Care Of Your Dark Underarms

Another area which is often overlooked by most brides-to-be is taking care of the underarms. Underarms also need exfoliation to get rid of dark patches. Apply cold cucumber juice on your underarm every day before taking bath. Leave it on the skin for 10 minutes and rinse off. After bath, apply moisturizer on the underarms to make this area soft and smooth.

Take Care Of Your Dark Underarms

10. Use Under Eye Creams

To avoid dark circles, under eye puffiness, crow’s feet etc, apply a good under eye cream before going to bed everyday. You must have sparkling eyes on your special day. Besides following these essential skin care tip, you need to eat a healthy diet. Stay away from drinking, smoking, caffeine and sugary, processed foods. Instead a healthy diet which includes lot of fruits and vegetables and also enough water and fluids will help to maintain a healthy and radiant glow on your skin.

Use Under Eye Creams

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