Top 5 Bun Hairstyles For Brides Of Different Face Shapes

top-5-bun-hairstyles-for-brides-of-different-face-shapes-2Long hair is a symbol of dignity and increases beauty level of a lady to great extent. In fact, females having long hair are considered to be very lucky they can easily prefer many attractive hairdos without making extra efforts to attain it. The demands of bun hairstyles for long hair are seen more among ladies nowadays because bun hairdos add a glamorous touch to their personality and give a true definition of shiny long hair.

Bun hairstyle is a versatile hairdo which is available in different varieties for females having different face shape and skin tone. For the brides who loves bun hairstyles, here are top 5 most beautiful and pleasing bun hairstyles for long hair which will definitely make you a fairy wherever you go with such hairdo.

Here Are The Top 5 Bun Hairstyles For Brides Of Different Face Shapes:

1. Casual Bun Hairstyle

This is the most promising bun hairstyle for girls having long hair which you can avail easily by just tying few easy knots. You can attain this hairdo in just few minutes by first combing with a soft brush and then tying knots on tog followed by securing it with secure pins.

This fashionable hairstyle looks very charming and stylish with modern outfits and prom dresses. This hairdo looks like a bunch of hair strands which are tied and grouped together above head for much better look.


2. Top Knot Bun Hairstyle

This is a cool bun hairstyle for females which is most demandable among young girls who wants to look unique and stylish than others. To attain this hairdo, first of all you curl your hair and swirl at your head followed by tying it in a tog knot bun to accomplish this hairdo.

This hairdo is highly preferred by many celebrities today because it gives a balanced look to its owner.


3. Simple High Donut Bun Hairdo

This is an amazing bun hairstyle for females with long hair which can be easily worn by them in both formal and celebrating events. If you possess medium length hair then also you can avail this hairstyle as knots can be created using small portion of hairs. This is a time consuming hairstyle because high donut knots are crated when all knots are grouped together with a secure pin.


4. Side Bun Hairdo

This is the most lovable bun hairstyle for females having long hair and medium length hair. This modern hairstyle can be attained by brushing, twisting and tying. You can easily have this hairdo by first gently combing your hair and moving all your hairs to one side followed by twisting side hairs to the ears before tying a knot with strong pins.

This hairstyle is a perfect choice for all parties like events and you can give best complement to your bun hairdo by wearing a black dress with beautiful makeup and high heels sandals on your invited occasion.


5. Top Bridal Bun Hairstyle

If you’re planning to attend any wedding party or engagement party then you must go for top bridal bun hairstyle which you can attain by first combing your long hairs with a wide tooth comb followed by twisting and tying your hair in the bun and finally securing your buns with strong pins.

You can also complement this bridal bun hairstyle by decorating your buns with colorful flowers and beautiful bun accessories. This hairdo looks more charming on females having round face shape but needs hands of professional hairstylist to have desirable attractive look.


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