Top 6 Plus Size Wedding Designer Dresses

Wedding dresses can be really hard to find. And if you are a plus size, it could get really tricky to get that perfect and beautiful fit. You don’t want one of the main components of your romantic and perfect day to be any less satisfying than you want. So here are some wedding dress ideas that could help to make a perfect memory.

Here Are Top 6 Plus Size Wedding Designer Dresses

1. The Long Lace Sleeves 

This dress by David’s Bridal has delicate and intricate lace work throughout the dress. It also has pure lace full length sleeves which some down from your shoulder. The base creates a strapless look and the lace comes up to the shoulder bones. It also has a narrow lace belt which stands out from the body of the dress yet does not take away any attention from the whole look.

The Long Lace Sleeves

2. The One With Cap Sleeves

This is a full length wedding dress by Wtoo for the bride who does not like the long trail and wants a slightly low neckline. The body is covered in lace details and comes down to a tiny pool around the feet. Thus, it gives that gorgeous swift movement when you walk down the aisle and also keeps it in your control. The sleeves are off shoulder and just about two inches wide. They are made with lace and the neckline is set slightly low to show off those collar bones. A narrow silver belt is added to tuck the dress in at the hips and highlight the curve.

The One With Cap Sleeves

3. The Column Wedding Dress

The column wedding dress by Wtoo is for the bride who wants to have a plunge in her wedding dress. It has narrow straps, which are a little broader than the spaghetti straps. The plunge is made by overlapping the right over the left, thus creating a triangular neck-line. The right side comes down to your left, near your stomach and forms a slight fan pattern which is ling and goes down to your feet. There is a light brown belt to add some colour to the white lace work. The dress just covers your feet and does not touch the ground.

The Column Wedding Dress

4. The Kimono Look 

IF you like the kimono look with the bell sleeves then this wedding dress by Stone Fox Bride and Eloquii is just the right one for you. The body is mostly plain and has a white rope at the stomach to pull it in and complete the kimono look. The bottom has translucent lace work in big waves, which shows a bit of your legs. The same lace pattern is also used on the lower arm of the sleeves. It is a perfect dress to be worn for an outdoor wedding under the cherry blossoms.

The Kimono Look

5. The Blush Wedding Dress

This wedding dress by Wtoo suits and flatters pretty much every skin tone. It has a full organza skirt which has a light blush hue. The organza skirt comes down from the mid thighs and fluffs down to the ground. The top is in and light off-white shade to complement the blush hue and it is strapless. The top of the dress is given texture by making horizontal lines which are a parallel to each other and a narrow sequined and shiny silver belt is added at the stomach. The belt is in a wave pattern to go with the organza skirt.

The Blush Wedding Dress

6. The Ball Gown 

Ball gown wedding dresses have been a classic and they never fail to add to the glamour of your day and the gentle and smooth gliding look that you want while walking down the aisle. This wedding dress is a little different from the classic gown. It is a strapless dress which is taken in at the stomach. The ball gown is plain and a little fluffy and the top has a lace work with big flowers. The material used on the top comes down to form an asymmetrical dress look on top of the plain ball gown.

The Ball Gown

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