Top 7 Color Trends For Winter Bridesmaids

In early days, the Bridesmaids were selected predominantly from the young bunch of unmarried girls. Bridesmaids today are not just a group of young girls in a wedding party, but are official witnesses in many weddings. The selection of Bridesmaids itself has become a lengthy process with clearly set criteria like Bride’s family size and social stature, the Groom’s preference and the Bride’s own preference Understandably, the Bridesmaids who are chosen after so much of deliberations need to be dressed in such a manner that their dresses must complement not only the costume of the Bride but also the wedding color scheme.

Let Us Have A Peep Into The Top 7 Color Trends For Winter Bridesmaids

1. Mint

One of the shades of the all time favourite Green, this color is very much suitable for the young looking Bridesmaids whose dress code is as important as the Bride herself. Mint shade goes well with most of the colors and so helps in finalizing the color combinations of the wedding concept color quickly


2. Coral

This wild, fiery, explosive color which is a red and yellow mix, makes it so noticeable that it is mind blowing. This fabulous colour because of it’s majestic nature is seen in almost all the red carpet events. It is a popular choice that translates perfectly in an occasion like wedding adding beauty to the Bride accompanied by Bridesmaids with their attire in Coral


3. Emerald

Being the colour of nature associated with energy and new birth, Emerald not only complements the Bride’s dress colour but also creates right balance in the presentation of the whole Wedding scenario. This flattering colour when worn by the Brides Maids tends to stand out, adding to the brightness of the occasion, particularly in the photographs. Incidentally most bridesmaids enjoy wearing this colour that adds value to their presentation as Bridesmaids


4. Purple

While Bright purple goes well with Summer weddings, medium and mild shades of purple add to the pleasantness of a Winter wedding. This almost neon shade colour adds spice to the overall environment of the wedding. Purple, a colour that usually associates itself with royalty and nobility, gives a magical touch to the whole environment making the Bridesmaids look like angels from the heaven.


5. Blush

The colour that relates to nurturing and love is no doubt an apt colour for the Bridesmaids with the Bride who plans to start a new life filled with compassionate love. Blush colour dress adds to the femininity of the beautiful young Bridesmaids, particularly in a winter wedding complementing the climate. Blush is so flattering a colour for Bridesmaids that it translates well at any wedding venue


6. Blue

A colour that is flattering on almost all skin tones is a perfect fit in a Winter wedding, particular when worn by the Bridesmaids. It’s preppy style inspires many and creates awe in the onlookers’ minds. This colour adds value to the winter environment increasing the pleasantness and creating warmth.


7. White

A colour that strikes good balance between Winter and Summer weddings, White is preferred for the Bride also. However, a slight but visible differentiation done in the Bride’s wedding dress, like a veil and lengthy train, adds serenity to the entire wedding atmosphere. Many weddings with the Bride as well as the Bridesmaids in White attire have been big hits


The above mentioned bridesmaids dresses colors are very in and trendy. You can try one for you.

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