Top 7 Tips To Plan The Perfect Beach Wedding

A beach wedding may remind you of a cool ocean breeze, soft sand, stunning views and perhaps a gorgeous sunset. These dreams may be more than enough to convince you for a beach wedding too. However, when it comes to holding your nuptials on a beach, you will need to plan a little bit extra. And your plans will definitely need to take into consideration the following points.

Here Are The Top 7 Tips To Plan The Perfect Beach Wedding:

1. The Attire

When it comes to a beach wedding, you are better off without a big dress. While a ballgown may look elegant on a beach, it will not be the perfect choice for a sandy area. If you still insist on wearing a large dress, choose one that bustles easily. Avoid lace trims that can pick up sand and debris while you walk on the beach. Long veils are a strict no-no as well as they can be very hard to handle on a windy beach. Consider replacing them with fresh flowers instead. Another strict no-no is the heel which just doesn’t work well with sand. Your best bet to avoid tripping over repeatedly is to use wedges or flat sole sandals that do not sink into the sand. Considering it is a beach wedding, try opting for casual attire. Let your guests know the same too so that they can dress accordingly and not worry about their expensive gowns and tuxedos getting spoilt in the sun, sand and water.

The Attire

2. The Decoration

Beach weddings are blessed with naturally stunning backdrops in the form of the ocean and the sunrise/sunset. There is no need to opt for heavy decorations which will undermine the beauty of the landscape. Instead, opt to use subtle decorative options to highlight the area’s natural beauty. Some interesting options include fresh flowers and balloons in different shades of greens and corals.

The Decoration

3. The Location

This is a very important point to consider when planning a beach wedding. Some beaches require a special permit for weddings. Ensure to complete the paperwork for the same well before the wedding in order to avoid last minute hassles. Beaches can also be quite crowded on the weekends. So there are chances of the general public gate crashing your ceremony. Some public beaches also do not let you set up tends, chairs, aisle runners or even canopies. Consider all these issues before choosing the preferred beach for your wedding. A better option in this case is to opt for an oceanfront estate or resort where you can enjoy your wedding on a private beach without any disturbance from outsiders.

The Location

4. The Time

The time of the wedding also plays a crucial factor in how the event will turn out to be. While most beaches are usually crowded in the weekends, a weekday wedding will have little public attendance to hold your ceremony in peace. Lighting is also an important factor in beach weddings. You want to capture the best shots at the right time to ensure that your photographs come up great. Accordingly, finishing the ceremony an hour before sunset can leave you plenty of time to catch some stunning sunset wedding portraits.

If you are planning to wed on a beach in summer, remember that it can be become very hot on the beach during the day. In this case, it is best to plan the wedding just before or after sunset so that you will be able to enjoy a cool ocean breeze as you exchange vows. It is also considered very important to check the times of the tide on the beach where you plan to host the wedding. Not doing so can likely put your wedding ceremony at the risk of being submerged by the arriving tide.

The Time

5. The Guests

You will need to intimate your guests about the beach wedding well in advance so that they can make the necessary travel arrangements for the same. This will include packing necessary items like bottled water, hand fans, towels, hats, insect repellent and sunscreens, etc. along with the clothes and other items. If need be, you can arrange a welcome kit containing these items for each guest arriving at the venue. There’s nothing more irritating than getting sand in your shoes. Ensure your guests don’t face this problem by setting up a shoe station for them to exchange their shoes with flip flops. In addition to avoiding the sand issue, flip flops will allow your guests to walk easily on the beach.

Elderly guests may find it hard to walk long distances on the beach. The same goes for couples with young babies. In this case, you need to keep the wedding close to the parking lot so that your guest don’t face the trouble of walking for miles on the sand or climbing down multiple steps down a cliff to reach the beach. Elderly guests will need to use the bathroom on a regular basis. As such, you can choose to hold the wedding on a beach that comes with a beach club providing access to toilets nearby. A beach club can also be the perfect place to kick back after the wedding and enjoy some drinks. It can also offer much solace in the form of shade and drinking water on an exceptionally hot day at the beach. Shade is essential, especially if you plan to have a wedding on the beach during the day. Set up tents or canopies over seating areas. There is no need to be too elaborate in this case. A canopy created by draping a thin white sheet on top of some bamboo poles will do the trick. Parasols and paper fans are also must haves on a beach that can get pretty hot. Refreshments are a must and can keep your guests cool while waiting for the wedding to start. Set up a table and offer some ice water along with some lemonade or cocktail. This way, you don’t need to worry about everyone sweating it out until the ceremony starts.

The Guests

6. The Ceremony

Beach weddings are usually briefer affairs than traditional church weddings. Keep this in mind while planning your wedding on a beach. You can always organize something special after exchanging vows to make the service memorable. For instance, a sunset cruise after the wedding can mark the perfect start to your marital life.

The Ceremony

7. The Backup Plan

Of course a beach wedding entails a backup plan wherein you know where to head in case it starts raining all of a sudden. While canopies and tents will suffice for small showers, a heavy downpour will necessitate the ceremony continuing in an indoor space nearby.

The Backup Plan

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